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Speaking of Cheating

Watch this. [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 5

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Frightening Levels of Cheating

I was sent a link to this page, I read the article, and I was shocked. Utterly shocked. If you paid for papers, turn yourself in. If you are writing papers for others, stop. Nothing short of academic prostitution. Here’s a short clip. Read the whole if you have time. This is the confession of [Read More…]

Good and Bad Ways 3

Robert Benne, Director of the Roanoke College Center for Religion and Society, examines the Fusionists in his new book Good and Bad Ways to Think about Religion and Politics. The Fusionists are those who combine their politics and their religion/faith. Often enough, the Fusionists don’t know even know they are doing this. In this chp [Read More…]

My Wife is Catholic

A letter, with one question for you: What would you tell this person? Dear Scot, In a recent Jesus Creed post 10/27/10 entitled “Peter Update”, you state “Cullmann’s book was shaped by Roman Catholic and Protestant issues. We are, so it seems to me, beyond those days, and Hengel’s book shows we are beyond those days. [Read More…]