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There’s a place called …

Kokomo! Seriously, The Beach Boys are America’s greatest band. Second in the world only to The Beatles. It doesn’t even matter if Tony thinks otherwise. And a perfect song for Faculty Meeting: [Read more…]

Derek Jeter Copies LeBron

Derek Jeter, evidently, thinks he’s worth bundles. To the tune of $150 million over six years. Derek didn’t pay attention to what happened to LeBron. This report is from Hardball Talk. That according to Bill Madden of the Daily News. It was at least his starting point, and even if he has come down in [Read More…]

Joe Carter on Airport Security

At First Things, Joe Carter takes on Charles Krauthammer, who essentially thinks the current system isn’t what it says it is and opts instead for more profiling: You might assume that preventing a similar type of attack would be a national security priority. You might assume that measures that prevent terrorist from boarding aircraft with [Read More…]

Those who never hear the gospel 2

This post is the second one in a series by David Opderbeck. This is the second post in my series on Gavin D’Costa, Christianity and World Religions: Disputed Questions in the Theology of Religions.  The first post is here.  In this post I’ll jump to the last chapter of the book to consider D’Costa’s proposal regarding [Read More…]

Miracles as Deeds of Mercy?

I got this from a reader, and thought it would be the subject for a good discussion. How would you answer his questions? I was hesitant to write this because I know you’re busy and I don’t want to treat you like “my personal study Bible”. However, there has been something on my mind lately. [Read More…]