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Should we ban bad theology carols?

From CT: “Only with great care. For thousands, carols will be their only link with a church. At the same time, sentimentality is perhaps the single most dangerous feature of our Church and culture—and the sentimental air is never thicker than at Christmas. The Incarnation is messy, dirty, and resonates with the crucifixion. We need [Read More…]

Mumford and Sons

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None Dare Call it … but they are

Michael Gerson, at WaPo, on … Do you think this is spin? Is the sabotage theory a spin? Yet this is precisely what the sabotage theorists must deny. They must assert that the case for liberal policies is so self-evident that all opposition is malevolent. But given the recent record of liberal economics, policies that [Read More…]

Evolutionary Creation 2 (RJS)

The second chapter of  Denis O. Lamoureux’s book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution provides a sketch of five basic categories for common views on creation, Genesis, and human origins – young earth creation, old earth or progressive creation, evolutionary creation, deistic evolution, and dysteleological evolution.The sketches are designed to highlight the distinctions between [Read More…]

The Baptism Question

One of the fundamental questions many today ask of baptism is this: Does it do anything? Or, is it effective for salvation? Where are you on the baptism questions? What are your clear and fixed points? Are you at the Sacramental end or the Symbolic end of this discussion? Is it possible to construct a [Read More…]