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Derek Webb

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What does this say about us?

These are the top ten Yahoo searches of 2010. What does this say about us? The top Yahoo searches of 2010 are: 1. The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster 2. The World Cup soccer tournament 3. Pop singer Miley Cyrus 4. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian 5. Singer Lady Gaga 6. Apple’s iPhone 7. Actress [Read More…]

Is American Exceptional?

WaPo has a panel discussion about whether or not America is exceptional.. Here is their introduction: Washington Post political reporter Karen Tumulty wrote Monday about the growing use of the idea of “American exceptionalism” by political conservatives as a “battle cry from a new front in the ongoing culture wars.” Sarah Palin and many other [Read More…]

The Church and Singleness: by Chuck DeGroat

This post is by Chuck DeGroat; I was sent a link by a friend and just have to (re)post the whole thing. Let’s discuss the church and singleness in a way that helps us all. What is your church doing about singleness? How do people understand “singleness”? What advice do you have for churches about [Read More…]

Commenting on Blogs

The Jesus Creed Blog is committed to the word “conversation” as what we want to happen daily at this site. Long ago Peggy Brown wrote up a post called the parable of the Jesus Creed, and it was about how to behave in the comments, and I think she captured the subject of this post. [Read More…]