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Church Sign Wars

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The One.Life Challenge

In the last ten years I’ve been asked over and over what evangelism looks like when it gets connected to kingdom. Those many questions spring from a widespread disaffection with an evangelism that is focused too narrowly on getting people to make a decision. The number of young adults who have made that decision but [Read More…]

Ron Santo, We’ll Miss You

Ron Santo, great thirdbaseman and persistently and undeservedly overlooked in the Hall of Fame voting, has died. Legendary Chicago Cubs player and broadcaster Ron Santo died Thursday night in Arizona. He was 70. Friends of Santo’s family said the North Side icon lapsed into a coma on Wednesday before dying Thursday. Santo died of complications [Read More…]

Those who never hear the gospel 3

This series is being written by David Opderbeck, and he’s probing into what I think is one of the most significant issues Christians need to face today: religious pluralism. This is the third post in my series on Gavin D’Costa’s book Christianity and World Religions: Disputed Questions in the Theology of Religions.  The first two [Read More…]

Converting our Imagination 3

I am convinced that most of what is said about the future — and about eschatology — and about the Revelation of John in particular — in most churches today is mostly wrong. Western evangelicals somehow got sidetracked by the rise of Dispensationalism, it stuck to many evangelicals like glue, and today I rarely hear [Read More…]