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Wow, she can sing

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From the mouths of children

Children singing Michael Card’s song, “Immanuel.” (HT: TG) [Read more…]

Ron Santo-isms #10

Here are few Ron Santo-isms I find on the internet, and those of us who listened to him remember these and others and can hear him say these things. Ron never started a sentence he thought needed to finish. My favorite Ron story on the radio was the usual banter between Pat and himself. Pat [Read More…]

Evolutionary Creation 4 (RJS)

We’ve been working through Denis O. Lamoureux’s book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution – a book that describes a way to move beyond the creation and evolutions debates. In the posts Tuesday we discussed the question of divine action in creation. Today we will look at another topic from the third chapter of [Read More…]

Churches need more focus on Marriage

We need to be sensitive to singleness but we also need to be aware of a profound new study called When Marriage Disappears: Here are the central theses: 1. Marriage is an emerging dividing line between America’s moderately educated middle and those with college degrees. 2.  Marital quality is declining for the moderately educated middle [Read More…]