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What do you think?

Here’s quite the presentation on educational theories… [Read more…]

The Magi Story: Brent Landau Responds

In a recent post I sketched and then briefly responded to Brent Landau’s new translation of The Revelation of the Magi. Brent Landau has responded here to my piece, and he’s a great example of civility in disagreement. I have clipped the first two paragraphs and I encourage you to wander over to Patheos’ site [Read More…]

Major Reference Tools

For those of you who clamor for more information — and solid, reliable, accurate information — about Judaism, there have been only a few options: read all the sources and remember what you have read, read some of it and have some good books with the right studies and information, buy the old (and ever [Read More…]

Announcement: One.Life now shipping

Our newest book, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow , is now shipping from Amazon — so it should be in your bookstores, too. At Saddleback last night I was asked to speak on the topic of one of the chapters in One.Life — The Radical Jesus. Rick Warren is developing five questions about Jesus this [Read More…]