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Pressure on our high schoolers

From the NYTimes, which uses this opener for a set of responses: A new documentary, “Race to Nowhere,” looks at the pressures being put on high school students to build their résumés with Advance Placement classes and athletic accomplishments to improve their chances of acceptance at elite colleges and universities. The film captures the angst of [Read More…]

Mary, in Prayer

I’m on the Midday Connection at WMBI today — I will be talking about Mary and my book The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus. Melinda Schmidt, one of the hosts, told me about this wonderful picture of Mary dedicating Jesus to God. [Read more…]

Tentmaking Ministry 1 (Jeff Cook)

Increasingly there are young leaders/pastors who are called “tentmakers”: they are both pastoring a church and working another job. Jeff Cook, author, professor and pastor — and tentmaker — begins a new series for us. Another term for such folks is that they are bi-vocational. From Jeff Cook: Tentmakers – Part 1 One of the [Read More…]

Arise: I. Howard Marshall

This post is written by Alan Johnson and summarizes a recent panel discussion at ETS, with final comments by I. Howard Marshall. This is Johnson’s summary of Marshall’s comments. Alan Johnson (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Christian Ethics, Emeritus Director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics (CACE) at [Read More…]