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The Politics of Jesus

In One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow I am making a case for an alternative politics. The book is now available in bookstores and online, and I hope you can read it and get a group to study it — and being to live out the One.Life challenge. Instead of American and Western Christians anchoring their hope [Read More…]

Is God a Moral Monster? 4

Not a few critics of the Bible have called into question not just the religion, but the deity connected to the religion. Not the least of the issues raised concerns the quality of morality in the Old Testament. Paul Copan, in Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God, examines this [Read More…]

Six Themes of Change in the Church

From Barna: Do you agree with these six themes? What do you think? What can we do? Change usually happens slowly in the Church. But a review of the past year’s research conducted by the Barna Group provides a time-lapse portrayal of how the religious environment in the U.S. is morphing into something new. Analyzing [Read More…]