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Which will it be?

The time is coming and, like the Borg, it’s inevitable. Last night we were with a group from NPU at David and Linda Parkyn’s home celebrating Christmas. Not only were we in the presence of friends and good music, but Linda pushed to think about a topic one more time. She asked what we would [Read More…]

What will you be reading?

Christmas Break is officially here for me, and Kris will have a full week off as well, and we will find some warm place to hole up with family … but this always means that as we approach this time off we begin to set up what we will be reading. Assuming you may well [Read More…]

A Christmas Question about Mary

From a reader: Dear Prof. McKnight, I just finished listening to your interview on Midday Connection and am thrilled with the topic of your most recent book about Mary [The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus]. I recently wrote a Luke-based devotional called Divine Duct Tape and through it became [Read More…]

Is God a Moral Monster? 5

Sometimes its the evident arbitrariness of an Old Testament law or, to use the words in this book by Paul Copan, the “weirdness” of a law, that calls into question the divine source of such a law or the wisdom of the law. Copan, in Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old [Read More…]