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Our Prayers

We are hoping that we will our turn our minds toward God tonight and pray for peace between North and South Korea. The news today is that North Korea threatens retaliation if South Korea does have live-fire shooting exercises. South Korea’s exercises are scheduled to begin in hours. Lord have mercy. [Read more…]

A Wealth of Information

Every school and public library needs a copy of this new Oxford Handbook. Pastors, preachers, and professors alike cannot keep up with every bit of research and scholarship. One area many of us would like to know more but don’t have the time to do is the Dead Sea Scrolls. But Oxford now has a [Read More…]


Tell me why the biggest sporting event of the day — UConn vs. OSU in basketball — is not on TV today. The answer: Because it’s a women’s game, because this singular event in NCAA sports history won’t bring in as much money … but when it comes down to it, it’s a shame on [Read More…]

Christ is Coming: Christine Sine

[Read more…]