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Last weekend I was in the LA area participating in Saddleback’s apologetics weekend. (My talk on The Radical Message of Jesus.) The question for the weekend — five services and five speakers — was this: What child is this? The five speakers were Chris Wright, Scot McKnight, Greg Koukl, Peter Kreeft and Phil Yancey. I’m [Read More…]

A New Kind of Big (church)

Here is a fundamental problem in churches: self-sufficiency. Or instead of self-sufficiency, maybe we should say “omni-competency.” Or perhaps “empire building.” What I’m getting at is the sense that each church, in each community, no matter how far apart or close together those churches are … each church thinks it has to do everything, by [Read More…]

Tentmaking Ministry 2 (Jeff Cook)

Many pastors in our country choose to work a second job in order to help create their churches. Recently this trend of bivocational pastors (or “tentmakers”) has become more popular, specifically for those who believe the church itself is a missionary community entering into a specific culture. Chris Ridgeway suggested in a previous post that [Read More…]

Converting our Imgination 4

The Book of Revelation is Theo-Politics, a book about a politics that claims God is king and no one else is, a book that declares that God alone is to be worshiped and no one else, a book that announces that God alone is to be obeyed and no one else. Thus, it is Theo-Politics. [Read More…]