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For 20somethings: Let’s hear from you

A new article by a 20something in WaPo’s On Faith discussion examines Christmas shopping for 20somethings. My question: What are you doing for Christmas shopping? What does this mean for our consumer habits? This Christmas, how are twenty-something Christians engaging in the requisite shopping/buying/gift-exchanging? Fed up with the consumerist excesses of Christmas and the maddeningly [Read More…]


Lynne Hybels doesn’t post on her blog that often, but the failure of the DREAM Act brought out this post, and I clip the first two paragraphs. What do you think of the DREAM Act? Like many of my friends, I am profoundly disappointed by Saturday’s defeat of the DREAM Act by just a few [Read More…]

The Birds, our Teachers

It’s the time of the year here in Chicagoland when bird variety is diminished. On and around our feeders were see chickadees and goldfinches and cardinals, and on the ground we see those sharply colored northern juncos. Sparrows, of course. But not much else. As I was observing their busy ways in the cold of [Read More…]

Tentmaking 3 (Jeff Cook)

Rhythms : Tentmaking 3 I have a wife and 2 small boys, I helped found and lead a local church, and I work around 20-30 hours a week either teaching at a local university or writing to help supplement my ministry-addiction. My wife who is just as much of tentmaker as I am, likewise works [Read More…]

Converting our Imagination 5

The Book of Revelation is a theopolitical text, a text assaulting the idolatries of the Roman Empire. This approach raises a number of vistas for reading the text. Michael Gorman, Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness: Following the Lamb into the New Creation discusses this theopolitical reading of Revelation. It’s about empire. This is [Read More…]