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Hitchens on Santa Claus (by Timothy Dalrymple)

From Timothy Dalrymple: When my daughter has grown old enough to articulate (what I’m convinced she already secretly believes) that my every parenting decision has been wrong, thoroughly damaging, and clear grounds for lawsuit to cover therapy costs, I will at least be able to explain why I did not raise her to believe in [Read More…]

The Cost of Reputation (RJS)

This week leading up to Christmas provides opportunity for another reflection – one related to the story and  discussion in Tuesday’s post (Discrimination?).  The sermon this last Sunday at our church was centered on the texts in Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1 … in particular the reaction of Joseph to the discovery that Mary was [Read More…]

Converting our Imagination 6

Yesterday’s post concerned whether or not there are parallels between Rome as empire and the USA as empire. Regardless of your thoughts there, Gorman’s book proposes that the Book of Revelation is a manifesto and a summons to “uncivil” religion. As we have been saying, Michael Gorman, Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness: Following [Read More…]