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Hans Rosling: We can all make it to…

A good reminder for those who harp away on economic disparities. [Read more…]

Tentmaking 4 (Jeff Cook)

Finances : Tentmaking 4 According to a 2008 compensation survey from LifeWay, the average pastor of a small church with between 50 and 74 members makes $39,459. For a bivocational pastor of the same size church, the average salary is $10,181. I had a recent conversation with a magazine editor who said that bivocational ministry [Read More…]

Fully Alive 2

“The glory of God is a human fully alive,” so said Irenaeus, and this line is both quoted and a theme for Trevor Hudson’s new book, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity: Practices for God’s Beloved. The book is made up of 16 Signposts, or points along the way of a journey that will help us find [Read More…]