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Borders at the Boundary

From Sarah Weinman: Borders (BGP), the country’s second-largest book retailer, had been counting on a Christmas miracle to rescue it from deep financial doldrums. But the holiday season played Scrooge instead. Now, the liquidity shortfall Borders warned might happen — and a possible bankruptcy it didn’t need to warn worried investors about — seems ever [Read More…]

Top Trends of the last Decade (Andy Crouch)

Andy Crouch has a fascinating list of ten cultural trends of the last decade, and I swipe only the first one here. From Q’s site: Indeed, when I reflect on the most significant developments of the never-adequately-named 2000s (the aughts? the aughties? the naughties?), it seems that almost all of them were well under way [Read More…]

Converting our Imagination 7

How odd to end the year thinking about eschatology! The issue today for many of us is the power and the pervasiveness of the Left Behind approach to reading Revelation. The method is so pervasive many today just don’t even want to talk about this stuff. Many raise their hands and walk away — choosing [Read More…]

When is Enough Enough?

This post is from our friend in Dublin, Patrick Mitchel. Patrick blogs at Faith in Ireland, and he is a professor at Irish Bible Institute, in the heart of Dublin. Kris and I had the joy of meeting Patrick and the privilege of lecturing at IBI last summer. Thanks Patrick for your gospel work in [Read More…]

Fully Alive 7

The glory of God is a human fully alive,” so said Irenaeus, and this line is both quoted and a theme for Trevor Hudson’s new book, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity: Practices for God’s Beloved. Signpost #6: Holiness — the set-apartness of God in his self-giving love, and our summons to turn to Christ and to [Read More…]