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Illinois thumbs its nose at Amazon

Here is the note I got today from Amazon. What are the viable options? Greetings from the Amazon Associates Program: We regret to inform you that the Illinois state legislature has passed an unconstitutional tax collection scheme that, if signed by Governor Quinn, would leave little choice but to end its relationships with Illinois-based [Read More…]

This Congress is a bit Different

When it comes to bringing one’s spouse to live in DC. Wow, this is quite the report: As the 112th Congress opens, the family lives of the nation’s lawmakers are in disarray. Newsweek recently reached 46 of the 107 freshman members of Congress, and only one—Mike Lee, the newly elected Republican senator from Utah—said he [Read More…]

This Congress not all that Different

When it comes to religious beliefs. Anyone know much about the “religious beliefs” of Congress? Anyone done any studies on this? Many analysts described the November 2010 midterm elections as a sea change, with Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives and narrowing the Democratic majority in the Senate. But this political overhaul [Read More…]

Converting our Imagination 8

How then do we read the Book of Revelation responsibly? This is the concern of this series and Michael Gorman, as a teacher, knows the best way to teach this sort of reading is to give the big picture first. His seven themes (below) are a deconstructive and constructive approach: it deconstructs some popular approaches [Read More…]

Fully Alive 9

The glory of God is a human fully alive,” so said Irenaeus, and this line is both quoted and a theme for Trevor Hudson’s new book, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity: Practices for God’s Beloved. Signpost #8: We are to discern and discover God’s call for our lives and grow in that calling. Speaking of Mother [Read More…]