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Chinese Parents

Did you see this piece by Amy Chua? It’s about Chinese parenting. You might get irritated with her, but it’s worth the read. What can we (who are not Asian, Chinese) learn from this? What are the major differences between “Westerns” and “Chinese” (her terms)? A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such [Read More…]

Tentmaking 6 (Jeff Cook)

The Other Job: Tentmaking 6 The Apostle Paul made tents in order to fund his ministry, often receiving nothing from churches he was serving. Some present day pastors likewise divide their time between ministry and another job. A problem that has been hinted at in previous posts is that many of us actually “like” our other [Read More…]

Should Christian Art (at times) be Offensive?

So asks Dan Haseltine, lead singer for Jars of Clay, in Relevant Mag. Dan reflects on the nature of a Christian culture, and he asks about whether that culture needs to have art that reflects reality — and I didn’t see this emphasize but it appears to me to be what he’s on about — [Read More…]