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But don’t try this…

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Haiti One Year Later

I hope you see this site … where Tim Dalrymple has put together a banner set of reflections and posts. [Read more…]

Catalyst West

Many of you know about Catalyst and the conferences they have been sponsoring. Catalyst is a gathering of young, west coast and vibrant leaders in the church. It’s about being kingdom ambassadors, change agents and cultural architects. Catalyst challenges these leaders to take courage. I have been invited to this year’s Catalyst West event in [Read More…]

Shauna Niequist: Enough

Shauna, author of the fine memoir Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way, writes a post about not being able to get pregnant and the pain it has caused her. She writes here of some raw emotions, and I think we could have a valuable conversation about responses to pregnancy: What are [Read More…]

A Statement on Science, Faith, and Human Origins (RJS)

BioLogos published a summary statement from the 2010 Workshop Theology of Celebration II held Nov. 9-11 (link to statement and post).  Today I would like to put this statement up for consideration and discussion. There are two segments to the statement.  The first part deals with the general atmosphere of debate and an affirmation that [Read More…]

Should Teachers Befriend Students? 1 (Sam Lamerson)

This series is by friend (and former student), Sam Lamerson, who is now a well-read professor at Knox Theological Seminary in Florida: SHOULD A PROFESSOR BE FRIENDS WITH STUDENTS? Scot was my dissertation mentor at TEDS ten or so years ago.  After I had finished I was constantly asking him for teaching advice and he, [Read More…]