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On Anticipating Publication of a Book

I heard about this book quite awhile back so I’m very happy to see that in about a month Eugene Peterson’s pastoral memoir will be published. You can read about it here: The Pastor: A Memoir [Read more…]

Near Death Experiences

From Patheos, a clip of a piece on a near-death experience by Marcia Morrissey: Trying to comfort Sally, I related my own near-death story.  When I was 20 years old, I was in a diabetic coma.  I had an experience that—even though I have faced my mortality a few times since—has never been repeated.  While [Read More…]

belief … (RJS)

I had the opportunity last November to be part of a group of Christians who met in New York to discuss the issues of science and Christian faith. The statement posted last Thursday came from the discussions at that meeting. The first section of the statement affirms the power and value of science  in describing [Read More…]

The Lord Alone 2

What does it mean to be saved? to be redeemed? to be ransomed? It means to be a person who lives out that salvation, that redemption and that ransom by making God the Lord alone. It means obedience to the God who sets us free. The biggest mistake of Christians today is to make obedience [Read More…]