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Schwarzenegger’s Costs

The first one is replaceable; the second one isn’t. From Reuters: (Reuters) – Serving as California governor cost Arnold Schwarzenegger at least $200 million, the bodybuilding star turned actor and politician told a newspaper in his native Austria, insisting ‘it was more than worth it.” Counting expenses and lost income from acting in Hollywood films, [Read More…]

Tiger Mother Meets Mr. Moderation

David Brooks, who seems to think social education is far more demanding… Chua would do better to see the classroom as a cognitive break from the truly arduous tests of childhood. Where do they learn how to manage people? Where do they learn to construct and manipulate metaphors? Where do they learn to perceive details [Read More…]

Tiger Mother Meets Ayelet Waldman

From WSJ: Here are some of the things that my four children of a Jewish mother were always allowed to do: • Quit the piano and the violin, especially if their defeatist attitude coincided with a recital, thus saving me from the torture of listening to other people’s precious children soldier through hackneyed pieces of [Read More…]

Ross Douthat on Sarah Palin

From NYTimes: To the media: Cover Sarah Palin if you want, but stop acting as if she’s the most important conservative politician in America. Stop pretending that she has a plausible path to the presidency in 2012. (She doesn’t.) Stop suggesting that she’s the front-runner for the Republican nomination. (She isn’t.) And every time you’re [Read More…]

Tentmaking 7 (Jeff Cook)

The Tension between Leading and Teaching: Tentmaking 7 (the Final Post) I know of a few pastors who have solid, large churches who have stepped out of the “executive pastor” role, and have exclusively assumed a “teaching pastor role,” allowing someone else to do the fulltime work of leading their church community. This seems quite [Read More…]

How They Changed Their Mind about Women 2

Alan Johnson, well-known and much-loved professor at Wheaton, has edited a collection of stories of well-known evangelicals who have in their own ways changed when it comes to women in ministry. His book has a great title: How I Changed My Mind about Women in Leadership: Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals. In his own introduction, [Read More…]