Archives for Jan 24, 2011 @ 20:23

Chicago Politics Goes by the Rules

You betcha. Chicago politicians have to go by the rules. The President’s right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel, has now been declared not legal to run for Mayor of Chicago. Why? Because the rules say that he had to have been a resident of Chicago for the previous year, but President Obama asked Rahm — who has [Read More…]

News to me: Middle-aged white pastors and Rap

This is news to me… There’s a strange phenomenon in the Christian world right now: middle-aged white pastors are talking about rap music and, even more strangely, actually listening to it and recommending it. Suddenly 65-year-old pastors who wear plaid jackets are interviewing dudes who wear their hats all funny and say things in their songs [Read More…]

Levels of Spirituality

Educators often scale abilities so we map “critical thinking” or “induction” or “knowledge” from the basics to the higher levels. Christian leaders often talk about “spiritual maturity” or “spirituality.” Sometimes we ask what “depth” or “devotion” mean or what they look like in reality. So, what are the “marks” of a fully-devoted follower of Jesus? [Read More…]

The Art of Happiness

Happiness has become a hot topic for discussion among philosophers and theologians, and one reason for this is that it has always been a part of intellectual history. But the discussion was more or less taken over by the social sciences and it became a discussion about our inner state — answering the question “What [Read More…]