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Dennis Kucinich … yougottabekiddin’me!

From Washington (CNN) –Dennis Kucinich is no fan of pit-filled olives – and now he’s doing something about it: Taking one of Congress’ cafeterias to court. In 2008, the Ohio Democrat purchased a sandwich wrap filled with those olives at the cafeteria inside the Longworth Office Building. After biting into the wrap, he cracked [Read More…]

Faith, Law and Culture at Seton Hall

The third “Faith, Law and Culture” series lecture at Seton Hall University Law School will take place on Thursday, February 3, at 4:30 p.m. in the Faculty Library at the Law School in Newark, New Jersey. The speaker is Eastern Orthodox theologian and writer David Bentley Hart.  Dr. Hart’s topic is “Christianity, Law, and Modern [Read More…]

I agree with Anne Lamott

It’s about time, finding time, fighting for time, saying no to intrusions on time — it’s about time alone, long days alone, at the desk writing or in a chair reading … day after day …and missing a whole lot of things … and not doing things I really like (golf) … and not being [Read More…]

Church Membership Requirements

Many are disputing the value of church “membership” today. Some think if we are “in Christ” we are members — whether we are on a list or not. Others wonder what’s the “value added” benefit to being a “member.” Some today are advocating instead for church “covenant” commitments. It seems to me that “membership” matters. [Read More…]

The Lord Alone 3

What does “You shall have no other gods before me” mean? Are there any reliable or insightful indicators when we have crossed the line of this command? Or, as too many have suggested, is this really only about being a monotheist — a person who thinks there’s only one God? Are we assaulted with temptations [Read More…]