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An Egyptian Woman’s Response to Violence

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“… and the gates of hell …”

I hope you had time to read Jennifer Powell McNutt’s exceptional piece in CT about the enduring church. This clip sets the stage. With magazines like Newsweek announcing “The End of Christian America,” it is easy to give in to fear and the perception of decline. Not only can worries like that become self-fulfilling, more often than [Read More…]

Is God ever Surprised? 2

John Goldingay, in his new book, Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers, has a chp on a question many “fresh” readers of the Bible ask: Does God have surprises? Or does God know everything so that nothing surprises him? Which brings us to part two in this series — God’s knowledge of the [Read More…]

Health Care in Sweden

This post is from Jodi Fondell, former chaplain at NPU and now co-pastor with her husband, Doug, who is one fine golfer (and so is Jodi). [A big question: Did Doug have to eat lutefisk in the hospital stay?] I know that many people in the US are scared out of their wits that the [Read More…]