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The Middle East in the Hands of Egypt

From NYTimes: “After so many years of political stagnation, we were left with choices between the bad and the worse,” said Fadel Shallak, a Lebanese writer and a former government minister. “Now there’s something happening in the Arab world. A collective voice is being heard again.” The unrest is indeed grassroots but it is not [Read More…]

The Grace of God

Andy Stanley’s book is unlike any other book I’ve seen of his. This is a biblical theology of grace — a splendid march from creation — a gracious God who creates — to the missionary task of the church. This is not a book about leadership or the Christian life or about preaching … it’s [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

It’s been a dreary week in Chicago, my home town: Kris and I want to thank you the many readers of these Weekly Meanderings. Many tell us they drink their Saturday morning cup of coffee over these links … and if you have some links for us during the week, send them our way. We [Read More…]