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“Surf and Turf”

Surf and Turf redefined… (From AP) SEATTLE (AP) – Authorities in Seattle say bovine met the shoreline when beachfront residents found the body of a 400-pound cow washed up by the surf. Seattle Animal Shelter enforcement supervisor Ann Graves says animal control officers received a report Thursday that the carcass of an adult cow had [Read More…]

The Day Mark Twain was edited

Mark Twain tells stories so well one never knows how much of it got confused in fiction. It was he who once said, and I don’t remember where, that he never let facts get in the way of his fiction. But let’s assume this story happened. One time Twain was asked to write the Introduction [Read More…]

belief … What is the point? (RJS)

I am going to go off on something of a tangent today, away from the usual issues of science and faith – but I would like to put up an idea and start some discussion, hear what people think. Over the years I have heard many sermons – two a week in my childhood and [Read More…]

Health Care in Sweden, part 2

Do you think we should all “foot” our own bills when it comes to medicine? Or do you think some kind of actuarial tables or taxes or general fund can be used in order to provide “security” when it comes to medicinal costs? What role does your Christian faith play in this? What are the [Read More…]