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Must Read CT Editorial

From CT, by Bob Kubinec: I find here a voice of reason: What do you think? The recent protests by Egyptian opposition movements have revealed a deep and abiding prejudice in the U.S. foreign policy community toward the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. These feelings are shared among many evangelicals who tend to view all Islamic [Read More…]

What do you think?

Carolyn Hax was sent this note. How would you respond? I disagree with her substantively. Dear Carolyn: I just found out my husband of 12 years has been texting a female co-worker in and out of work. I found out quite by accident. They were joking about the football pool. When I told him I [Read More…]

Launching Missional Communities

“A Missional Community is a group of twenty to fifty people who have united, in the name of Jesus, around a common service and witness to a particular context.” So Mike Breen and Alex Absalom in their new book, Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide (p. 124). Which means this: trying to transform “small groups” of [Read More…]

Multiculturalism: Where are its limits?

From the NYTimes, a report about Prime Minister David Cameron’s controversial comments about multiculturalism. Where are the limits? Does “tolerance” breed opportunity to take advantage of tolerance? Is this a refusal to change with changing times? By JOHN F. BURNS LONDON — Faced with growing alarm about Islamic militants who have made Britain one of Europe’s most [Read More…]