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Women in Ministry: A Letter

From a FB friend, now edited just a bit: Thank you again for visiting our church in San Diego. Your talk was invaluable. Although I am in seminary, I am relatively new to the evangelical world (and the bible in general). Having always been a strong feminist, I was surprised to discover that much of [Read More…]

Christian Consumerism

Do you buy “Christian”? Do you even look? Does it influence you when making a decision for a purchase? From Barna: [Read more…]

Why Millennials are leaving church … you won’t believe this

Richard Beck, a prof at ACU, posts … The difference between Generations X and Y isn’t in their views of the church. It’s about those cellphones. It’s about relationships and connectivity. Most Gen X’ers didn’t have cell phones, text messaging or Facebook. These things were creeping in during their college years but the explosive onset [Read More…]

Discipleship for “Next Christians” 1

Gabe Lyons labels contemporary Christians the “next Christians” in his new book (The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America). He calls these next Christians “restorers” and finds the following six characteristics: Gabe provides six characteristics of the Restorers: 1. They are Provoked, not offended. 2. They are Creators, not critics. 3. They [Read More…]

The Name of God

The Name of God. Speaking the Name of God. But not using or speaking the Name of God lightly or misusing or using in vain … but how? And what about Christians, non-Hebrew speaking Christians, who never use YHWH and use translations that have LORD and not YHWH? What about us? What are we to [Read More…]