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Last weekend Kris and I were at Journey Community Church. Because Journey is committed to the Jesus Creed, the event felt like a homecoming rather than a speaking event. For the past four weeks they have been teaching the Jesus Creed, reading 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed together, and more importantly actively practicing the Jesus [Read More…]

What is “church”?

Mike Mercer, one who has taken up the task of Michael Spencer at iMonk, has a great post about church and what’s going on today … and it meshes well with my post this morning. My take on what has happened over the course of the last forty years is as follows. In evangelicalism in [Read More…]

Letter about “Kingdom” in One.Life

A pastor sent me this note about One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow and I asked for his permission to post his letter and respond to it here. One.Life makes a case that diverges somewhat from some standard understandings of “kingdom.” He asked about it. Here’s his letter and my response is after the jump. I [Read More…]

On Using Prayerbooks

I grew up in a tradition that opposed the use of recited prayers as “vain repetitions.” We weren’t taught to “pray” the Psalms but to read them and to learn about our own prayers from them. We never recited the Lord’s Prayer in public worship. And the very thought of using written prayers was “strickly [Read More…]