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Catherine Clark Kroeger

We are saddened to hear this and are glad to rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord. From CBE Arise. To our great surprise, our first president, beloved leader, and founder of Christians for Biblical Equality, Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger, contracted pneumonia and died suddenly on Monday, February 14, 2011. If you are like me, [Read More…]

CAT West

You won’t want to miss the Catalyst West Conference, happening March 2-4, 2011 in LA, where 3,500 young leaders will converge, including high-octane speakers, powerful worship, innovative programming, and an experience unlike any other. Hear from leadership authorities including Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, Matt Chandler, Rev Run, Judah Smith, Christine Caine, Britt Merrick, and Nancy [Read More…]

How can they not pick this fella?

At the Westminster Dog show they failed to pick the obvious top choice, a Bichon: Though I’d not like a “dog” fight about this, what’s your pick for the best dog? [Read more…]

The Least of These

How a country treats the most vulnerable of its people reveals the logic and system at work in that country. So I agree with Susan Jacoby who points out that how Egypt (and Afghanistan) treats women tells the story of justice. Like all Americans–unless they live on Planet Crackpot Caliphate–I hope that the joy on the [Read More…]

Church for The “Next Christians” (RJS)

Added (noon EST) Here is my premise, and I’d like to know what you think as you read though the entire post:  While church is and will remain at the epicenter of Christian community, essential for worship, for sacrament, for fellowship, the work of the church, the work of the pastor, is not to lead [Read More…]

King’s Cross 1

Tim Keller, in his (just about to appear in stores) new book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, examines the life of Jesus in two parts: King and Cross. The life of Jesus Keller studies is the Gospel of Mark, and I will do a series on Keller’s new [Read More…]