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Spending Federal Dollars

From CT: My, this is fertile ground for conversation. What gives rise to these special interests? Evangelicals are in the majority for spending on military concerns, crime, agriculture … and nothing else. [Read more…]

On Getting Published

Potential authors often write to me and ask about writing. They ask all the right questions, and I often feel bad for them because I know they’ve got a good idea and maybe a good book and sometimes I answer questions they haven’t asked but will if they go down the writing path very far. [Read More…]

Academic Drift 1

In their new stunning book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, a book that uses an ancient genre — the academic jeremiad — with exquisite accuracy, Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa prove — not contend — that students are not learning what they should, professors are not doing all they could, administrators are not [Read More…]

NIV 2011: A Review

I was impressed by the recent review of the NIV 2011 by Bridget Jack Jeffries, a student at TEDS, a Covenant Church member, and a blogger. Bridget’s review is in The Priscilla Papers, and it is a good time to express our admiration and regret at the death of Catherine Clark Kroeger, who began The [Read More…]