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Kallistos Ware at NPU

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, known not only for his leadership in the Eastern Orthodox Church but also for his books, was the Kermit Zarley lecturer this year. His two topics were Prayer and the Philokalia, during which he discussed the Jesus Prayer, and then he lectured on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism and how we need one [Read More…]

Gas Prices and Gas Taxes — The Economist

The recommendation here is to raise taxes on gas … From the Economist, via BB, and check out the graph after the jump: Petrol prices in America are substantially below levels elsewhere in the rich world, and this is almost entirely due to the rock bottom level of petrol tax rates. The low cost of [Read More…]

Evolving Faith 1 (RJS)

Rachel Held Evans is a young author, a talented writer, with  a story of common experience to tell. Rachel’s book,  Evolving in Monkey Town, is the memoir of a young Christian wrestling with the meaning and implications of Christian faith. It is well written and easy to read, with a thread of encouragement for the [Read More…]

King’s Cross 3

Tim Keller’s newest book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, examines big questions through the Gospel of Mark. What is the connection of healing in this story to the forgiveness of sins? Is the healing the external reality of the inner healing (forgiveness)? Or does forgiveness connect to healing [Read More…]