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Anthony Trollope

Kris now has it that she wants to read some of Anthony Trollope, and I’ve not read a word of him. So, I’m asking you folks to weigh in on your recommendations. What’s his best novel? What’s a good one to read? [Read more…]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: John Frye (reviews me)

John Frye sent me this review and without looking at it I decided to post it… and then I read it… One.Pastor on One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow Dr. John W Frye, Fellowship Evangelical Covenant Church Pastors live in strong gospel crosswinds. One wind is created by those who are stridently trying to keep alive [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

I read through my blog reader this week and, wow, well a bundle of my bloggers didn’t write one post this week … so we’re a bit thin. Mike Breen asks why missional communities need to be 20-50 people. Michael Bird has an excellent post. Justin Topp on Karl Giberson: Part one and Part two. [Read More…]