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Illinois is Winning…

… in the race to oblivion. Lesson: Don’t spend what you don’t have! [Read more…]

Pujols: Grab and Give?

On a day when Patrick Mitchel posted on this blog about the committed life and Western consumerism and capitalism, CT has a piece that is worthy of our discussion. What about the big money professional athletes who are Christians make? From CT: ST. LOUIS—As contract talks broke down between Albert Pujols and the Cardinals, St. [Read More…]

Either Way

Here is a letter opened in public by request about the Bible and science. This youth pastor looks at his youth group and sees one group in the Young Earth Creation position and another wondering if they can even believe in the gospel if they don’t embrace YEC. What would you tell this young pastor? [Read More…]

The Committed.Life in the Western World?

From Patrick Mitchel at Irish Bible Institute recently wrote a powerful post about whether or not the kingdom life Jesus taught can be lived in the Western world, and in this post he is creating conversation about our One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. I want to ask a question at the top of this post [Read More…]