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How to decide which Baseball team…

Click on this little image and follow your answers…. where did you end up? [Read more…]

Afternoons with Ron Sider 4

Ron Sider has a new article at Relevant Magazine, and in this article he asks young adults — Relevant readers — four questions. In Sider’s day, that is in the 70s and 80s, he was seen as a radical because he brought into fuller light the biblical teachings on justice and peace. In many ways, [Read More…]

CAT West 2011

Tuesday night I flew to Orange County/Santa Ana/John Wayne — only in CA can you have three names for one airport — and on Wednesday I spoke to the LABS audience. For a number of years I’ve worried about whether or not evangelicalism can remain a coalition, and I have said over and over that [Read More…]

The Same God 2

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale, on the dedication page of his new book — Allah: A Christian Response, says this: To my father, a Pentecostal minister who admired Muslims, and taught me as a boy that they worship the same God as we do. Volf’s opening to the book is the famous Regensburg University speech [Read More…]

King’s Cross 5

Tim Keller’s newest book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, examines big questions through the Gospel of Mark. He sees an unfolding of who Jesus is in the Gospel of Mark, and though Mark 1:1 gives us all the clues we need — and the full perspective — Keller’s [Read More…]