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Help Geeding Name His Dog

If you don’t know Geeding, follow him here. But tonight let’s help him name his little dog… [Read more…]

Teaching Kids about Justice

This is from Laura Barringer, who a few years back was Laura McKnight. Which means, yes, Laura’s our daughter and she’s a primary grades teacher. This post is about Laura’s efforts to help her kids do some service learning by helping the needy of Haiti. Nice story, and I hope we can have some conversation [Read More…]

Evolving Faith 2 (RJS)

Rachel Held Evans is a young author, a talented writer, with  a story of common experience to tell. Rachel’s book,  Evolving in Monkey Town, is the memoir of a young Christian wrestling with the meaning and implications of Christian faith. Playing off the history of the Scopes trial, the theme of Rachel’s memoir is the [Read More…]

The Same God 3

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale, on the dedication page of his new book — Allah: A Christian Response, says this: To my father, a Pentecostal minister who admired Muslims, and taught me as a boy that they worship the same God as we do. Some of you may know Miroslav Volf grew up in Croatia/Yugoslavia, [Read More…]