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The What Would Jesus Cut? Discussion

From Tim Dalrymple, taking dead aim at those who ask What Jesus would cut? My own take on this is to mention this saying of Jesus: “where your treasure is there is your heart.” Does this mean also “where your budget is there is also your heart?” A common liberal slogan holds that “budgets are [Read More…]

The Language of Science and Faith (RJS)

I recently received, compliments of the publisher, a copy of a new book by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions. This book has its origins in the avalanche of questions unleashed on Collins following the publication of his book The Language of God. From Giberson’s [Read More…]

The Same God 4

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale, on the dedication page of his new book — Allah: A Christian Response, says this: To my father, a Pentecostal minister who admired Muslims, and taught me as a boy that they worship the same God as we do. Volf’s quest is to build a theological basis for peaceful co-existence [Read More…]