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Saturday Afternoon Book Review: The Pastor

The Pastor: A Memoir, by Eugene Peterson 15 Mar by Chaplain Mike “The way is made by walking” (Antonio Machado) Eugene Peterson’s career as a pastor has been a living tortoise and hare fable. In an age of emphasis on church growth, Peterson was “the contemplative pastor.” As the calling of minister morphed into the [Read More…]

A Question about Martin Bashir’s Question

Martin Bashir, of MSNBC, was on the Paul Edwards to be interviewed about his interview. (That’s a first for me.)  Bashir and Edwards agreed that that they thought Rob at one point was not forthcoming. There were many good points brought about by Bashir, who is an articulate evangelical, but I want to hone in [Read More…]

Rob Bell Reviews

Kris and I have been gone for Spring Break, and so there will be no Weekly Meanderings … our internet connection last week was just not quick enough to accomplish the task. But today I will have two posts, this one on Rob Bell reviews and then later today a very special book review. Notice [Read More…]