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Single Pastors in the Dock

From Erik Ekholm. Questions: Is being single a significant factor in the calling of a pastor? Anyone on a search committee where this emerged as a concern? Like all too many Americans, Mark Almlie was laid off in the spring of 2009 when his workplace downsized. He has been searching for an appropriate position ever [Read More…]

Are the Laws of Nature Free? (RJS)

I recently received, compliments of the publisher, a copy of a new book by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions. This book has its origins in the avalanche of questions unleashed on Collins following the publication of his earlier book The Language of God. But [Read More…]

The Same God 8

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale, on the dedication page of his new book — Allah: A Christian Response, says this: To my father, a Pentecostal minister who admired Muslims, and taught me as a boy that they worship the same God as we do. Volf’s quest is to build a theological basis for peaceful co-existence [Read More…]