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The Borg is Coming

From a friend, former student, and now fully reasonable — and right: Dear Scot, You may find this hard to believe after my ragging on you and my son with your Macs, but yesterday I bought a MacBook Pro.  I got tired of my machine crashing, not being able to connect to wireless, running really, [Read More…]

Church in the Present Tense (by Jonny Baker)

I swiped this review by Jonny Baker from this site [perhaps I should write jonnybaker]. Good discussion there, but maybe we can move it to the USA here at Jesus Creed. Bias alert: I wrote two chps in this book, one on Scripture and one on Atonement/Gospel, so this is more than just a review [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

We’re back in action with the Meanderings. The controversy around Rob Bell’s book has calmed enough for us to begin a series on his book, and we will begin that series this Friday. We will patiently examine the major ideas/chps of his book. But we are glad to resume Weekly Meanderings…  back in action is [Read More…]