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Introverts in the Church: by Adam McHugh

Adam McHugh’s book, Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture, was one of my favorite reads in the last few years and, on top of that, it struck a nerve because this issue — introversion — is a significant (and overlooked) dimension of church life. Here’s a recent post of his. [Read More…]

D. Michael Lindsay to Gordon President

From Tim Dalrymple’s interview. Today Gordon College, one of the premier educational institutions in the firmament of American evangelicalism, catches a rising star as it completes a seven-month international search and names D. Michael Lindsay its new President. It’s a bold, brilliant, sensational choice. Dr. Lindsay co-authored two books with George Gallup, Jr., while still [Read More…]

Sola or Plura Pastora 2 (by T)

T posts again on this Multiple or Solo pastor question. Sola Plura Pastora – 2: Teaching Today I’d like to single out one pastoral task that almost everyone would put high on their job description for a head pastor, namely, teaching, and talk about the pros and cons of the sola and the plura approaches. [Read More…]

More Like Prayer 2

Just war is the game nations play today. Can a war ever be just? Can a Christian participation in a war ever be just? John Howard Yoder’s last book, published posthumously on the basis of his lectures in Warsaw (Poland), Nonviolence – a Brief History: The Warsaw Lectures , devotes a lecture to the just [Read More…]

This War is Unjust: John Mark Reynolds

I agree with John Mark Reynolds, but I’d go further. No war is just. Good intentions will not save our nation from bad actions. No sane person roots for the present tyrant of Libya. Good men long for his removal, but wise men know that wanting a good thing does not justify every means of [Read More…]