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The Thrashing Snake is Dead

Carolyn Arends, at CT, tells the story of a missionary who told this story of a snake and how it serves us an image of the defeat of the devil. There are many today who think satan and demons are the beliefs of pre-moderns, and yet there are others who find devils behind every door [Read More…]

Day Zero, an illustration of atonement

A theologian friend sent this to me. It is by Gordon Coulter, and is an exploration of biblical ideas on atonement through an experience with cancer. By Gordon L. Coulter, Ed.D., with James S. Miser, M.D. “What can wash away my sin?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus: What can make me whole again? Nothing [Read More…]

Lent 4: Seven Deadly Sins (Jeff Cook)

Jeff Cook, author of Seven: The Deadly Sins and the Beatitudes , has offered some brief meditations for us to ponder during Lent this year. Greed During Lent, we will meditate together on the Seven Deadly Sins and use this list as an aid in confession as we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, Good Friday [Read More…]