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Catalyst: Join us!

You won’t want to miss the Catalyst Conference in Dallas, happening May 11-13, 2011, where 3,000 young leaders will converge, including high-octane speakers, powerful worship, innovative programming, and an experience unlike any other. Hear from leadership authorities including Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, David Platt, Christine Caine, Donald Miller and Craig Groeschel , along with several innovative [Read More…]

What’s Spit got to do with it?

Jodi Magness, about her forthcoming book on daily life at the time of Jesus called Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus : Many of the disagreements among Jews [which divided them into sects at the time of Jesus] focused on the correct interpretation and observance of biblical purity [Read More…]

Evolution, Entropy, and Human Beings 2 (RJS)

This is the last post on the recent book by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins,  The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions. This book has its origins in the avalanche of questions unleashed on Collins following the publication of his earlier book The Language of God. But this new book is [Read More…]

The Same God 10

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale, on the dedication page of his new book — Allah: A Christian Response, says this: To my father, a Pentecostal minister who admired Muslims, and taught me as a boy that they worship the same God as we do. Volf’s quest is to build a theological basis for peaceful co-existence [Read More…]