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You want drama?

Ruben Navarette: San Diego, California (CNN) — A shutdown? Seriously? All the media and the politicians can talk about is the possibility that the federal government could shut down at the end of this week if a budget agreement isn’t struck, and who will get the blame if it does. A poll by the Pew Research [Read More…]

Issues in next Election

From Barna’s newest survey: [Read more…]

What is the Purpose of Church? (RJS)

There have been three posts this last week that have been quite thought-provoking and have led me to a question that I would like to pose.  The first was the post linking a CT article on Ministry Mulligans. Particularly telling here were the comments on competition and leadership…more collaboration, less competition and more pastor, less [Read More…]

King’s Cross 9

Tim Keller’s newest book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, examines big questions through the Gospel of Mark, and he knows that “The Turn” in Mark’s narrative happens when Jesus is confessed as Messiah — King — and Jesus reveals that, yes, he is King but as King he [Read More…]