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Dear God…

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iPad: How soon to get one?

In Maine, they think real soon… Does your 5 year old need an iPad? School officials in Maine certainly think so, where the Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to provide all kindergartners with a brand new iPad 2 next year — with the process repeated for each new incoming class. It’s a move that will ultimately cost [Read More…]

belief … the problem of evil and forgiveness (RJS)

Francis Collins, in the brief stretch between stints as head of the Human Genome Project at NIH and, now, Director of NIH, put together a book, Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith, an anthology of readings he finds helpful in discussing rational reasons for belief in God. The anthology is, in some sense, a [Read More…]

Into the Depths of Why? 1

Adam Hamilton’s book, Why?: Making Sense of God’s Will, is short. It’s wise. It asks four big questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why do my prayers go unanswered? What can’t I see God’s will for my life? Why God’s love prevails But this isn’t a book that gives all the traditional answers; in many [Read More…]