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The VW Beetle

There’s a new one, the 2012 Beetle. Love it. [Read more…]

Dear God … 4

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Barna on Universalism

David Kinnaman’s most recent report is on “inclusivism” and “exclusivism” among Americans. If you are looking for a book that sketches various views, I recommend William Crockett, Four Views on Hell. Anything surprise you here? There is an increasing number of Christians who are soft universalists, pluralistic, or inclusivist. Do you agree or disagree? Most [Read More…]

Lent 7: Seven Deadly Sins (Jeff Cook)

Jeff Cook, author of Seven: The Deadly Sins and the Beatitudes , has offered some brief meditations for us to ponder during Lent this year. Gluttony During Lent, we will meditate together on the Seven Deadly Sins and use this list as an aid in confession as we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, Good Friday [Read More…]