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Tim Keller on Civility

Thanks to Tim Keller for these words on TV: “At the very least, we should be creating individuals who know how to talk civilly,” said Pastor Tim Keller, who based himself in New York City with the mission of spreading the gospel to a city better known for stone-cold competition rather than Christian brotherhood. “As [Read More…]

“The Book of Mormon”: David Brooks

From David Brooks: The central theme of “The Book of Mormon” is that many religious stories are silly — the idea that God would plant golden plates in upstate New York. Many religious doctrines are rigid and out of touch. But religion itself can do enormous good as long as people take religious teaching metaphorically [Read More…]

Adam, Sin, and Death, … Oh My 1 (RJS)

Several weeks ago (here) I posted on the book by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions and posed a few questions… specifically What arguments against evolution do you find convincing? Why? and What arguments would you like to see discussed on this blog (in future [Read More…]

Variety within Calvinism

If you say “predestination” you may well find the person you are talking to with a snarl. For some, perhaps most, the very idea that God, for whatever reason but God’s ways are God’s ways, chose some to be saved is objectionable if not unconscionable. And, yet, if you were to attend the lectures of [Read More…]