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Lectures in Michigan: Join us

This is the press release from Rochester College about the lectures I will be giving with Miroslav Volf. Streaming: Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier (May 16-18) Over the last two decades, Rochester College (in Metro Detroit) has hosted compelling conferences bringing together the best of the evangelical and mainline worlds for a conference on [Read More…]

The Future of Media Photography

From The Economist by W.W.: For many years, Mr Hobby was a staff photographer for the Baltimore Sun. Like most papers nationwide, the Sun was thrown into upheaval by the rise of the internet and was forced to slash costs to remain a viable enterprise. In 2008, Mr Hobby accepted a buyout offer and moved on. To [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Good morning! “Zion, don’t hang on that cross!” Derek on the meal of the Messiah. Trusting the Sunday Story. Too many evangelicals are anti-intellectual and demean doctrine. Allan Bevere on this problem: “We must avoid the two extremes of denigrating the significance of Christian doctrine as if it makes little to no difference for how Christians [Read More…]