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Must Read

From CT by Dan Wallis: It’s ironic that I’m now a preacher [assistant pastor at Cornerstone Wesleyan in Ontario]. That I can stand in front of people and speak, read, enunciate, articulate, and express myself is a gift I revel in and do not take lightly. Stutterers often have a good vocabulary; it helps to be [Read More…]

The Next Bubble?

By Lexington at The Economist: A LOT of people, not least my colleague Schumpeter, have been saying lately that the next bubble to burst is going to be in higher education. The idea is that people are spending too much on higher education, taking on too much debt, and failing to get the reward they expect. [Read More…]

Cape Town Commitment 1

I want to do a series on the The Cape Town Commitment: A Confession of Faith and a Call to Action. This is a breath-taking sweep through the mission of God, guided by one of the world’s finest mission theologians (Chris Wright), and it can provide a basis for evangelical unity. It is not so [Read More…]

On Theologies

Three books landed on my desk the same day, books about theology. The church with sound theology is much better than a church without theology, and a church that is anti-theology will soon have someone in it who observes that anti-theology is actually a kind of theology (that won’t last or sustain our faith). This [Read More…]