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What are you?

Where are you politically? Click on “here” in the last word of the first paragraph … what do you think? [Read more…]

How much will you spend on …

… a pet’s health care? Who has something for us on this topic? Have you, or anyone you know, decided in advance how much you will spend? By WALECIA KONRAD DEBORAH NOCELLA, a 43-year-old mother in Park Slope, says she feels as if she takes the family’s two dogs to the vet almost as often [Read More…]

Test of Faith … Is Evolution a Random Process? (RJS)

A couple of weeks ago I pointed to a resource available from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. The web site, Test of FAITH, was put together to provide introductory resources for those who are interested in or troubled by the interaction between science and faith. There is a DVD: Test of Faith, Instructor’s [Read More…]

Cape Town Commitment 2

We are doing a series on the The Cape Town Commitment: A Confession of Faith and a Call to Action. This is a breath-taking sweep through the mission of God, guided by one of the world’s finest mission theologians (Chris Wright), and it can provide a basis for evangelical unity. It is not so much [Read More…]